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Year 6

My time at Horwich Parish by Joshua W

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Chapter 1   I remember my first day at primary school. All the children were so new. Every person was very young and they were all just staring there, wondering what to do. I was part of that bunch. Most of the children I knew from Mother and Toddler Groups were there: Megan D, Caitlin and Ben. Our class teacher was Miss McEwan. She was very kind and gentle towards us, never cross or angry, always there for us. She was a great teacher. All of us were getting along really well, and I knew it was going to be a good time at primary.

In Year 1, we had the same amount of fun as we did in Reception. Our teacher was Mrs Smith. She was exactly like Miss McEwan. We all knew each other really well by then. I remember when we had to try food in different dips like ketchup and mustard. I was very sick that night as I had had a mushroom dipped in ketchup, and it was DISGUSTING!! Mrs Smith has left the school now and so have I. See you later, Mrs Smith.

Year 2: THE BEST YEAR EVER! Our teacher was the brilliant Mr Mitchell. By far, he made it the most funniest year ever! When he used to read us stories, I and some other people, would clean his shoes. Mr Mitchell was the best teacher anyone could ask for. He was funny, kind, gentle and trustworthy. Thank you Mr Mitchell.


Year 6 Leavers Concert

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HPCES Year 6 Leavers Concert 2011 from Tracey Challands on Vimeo.


Football by Joshua

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Football is a very energetic sport played by many people around the world. In our school we have a school football team, who are really good players. Around the world, there are lots of football teams who play other football teams for a trophy. The World Cup is based on football and is very popular around the world. Lots of teams play in the World Cup and they put a lot of effort into their matches against other teams. Football is a good sport to excercise in, and a lot of people have dreams to become a football player for their football team that they support.

I like football very much, do you?


Sport (by Joshua)

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There are many different varieties of sport that are played in the UK and around the world. Such as: Football, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket, Rounders, Table Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Running, Athletics, Squash, Archery, Tennis, Badminton, Javelin, High Jump, Gynamstics, Thai Boxing, Karate, Judo, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Shot Put, Cross Country, and Horse Racing.

Lots of people are extremely famous for attending and achieving gold medals for first place in events. There is a very popular group of games that are played every four years- the Olympics!


Mountains (by Joshua)

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Mountains are very interesting things. They are packed full with all the information you need to know about them! There are lots of famous mountains around the world. People trek up mountains right to the top, and then tumble back down, but they think it’s worth it. There are a number of mountains in the world: Mount Everest, Ben Nevis and many more.


Roald Dahl ( by Joshua)

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Roald Dahl is a very famous author. He was born in 1916 and died in 1990.  All Roald Dahl’s children books he wrote , were written in a small hut at the bottom of his garden. He didn’t start writing childrens books until he had children of hsi own, and he was a hurricane pilot in World War 2.  Here are some of his books:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Twits

James and the Giant Peach

Boy: Tales of Childhood


Esio Trot

Mr Fox

And lots more…

I love Roald Dahl, do you?


The View From My Window

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Here is a poem that I wrote about the view from my kichen window:

The View From My Window

My cat, Jasper stalking a bird in the flowery garden.

Your washing line way up high in the pale blue sky.

Verdant grassy hills in the multi-coloured background.

“It’s the T.V. mast! It’s HUGE!”

Enormous bushes like the worlds largest wood.

Window’s show the whole wide colourful world.

By Julian


100 word challenge

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Fred the baby elephant, found a nice cold place to sit inside the freezing lake. He landed with a loud bump. Whilst sucking water up his trunk he noticed that he was nearly in the middle of the lake  (where he was out of his depth), so he slowly swam back to the edge of the lake. Fred saw his best friend, Bobby.

Fred rushed so quickly to get to Bobby some boulders in the water jumped with the weight of the young elephant. Bobby on the other hand loaded his trunk with water and squirted it all over himself.


Comic Relief Challenge

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Bah! Go to my blog if you think you can make me laugh!


Mrs Skinner

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Hello Yr 6!
I have just found your great blog! I do hope we can share out adventures! I love the topic of WW11 so will read through what you have been doing.
You might like to join in the 100 Word Challenge which can be found here